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MacDuffie School was founded in 1890 by Harvard graduates, John and Abby MacDuffie.   The school was founded to provide young women with the opportunity to receive a quality education, an idea which was ground-breaking 130 years ago in America.   Since then, the school has continued work at the cutting edge of educational advancement, instilling in students a curiosity for the world as well as a progressive style of thinking.   Today MacDuffie is a coeducational school with a strong international outlook and a dedication to the traditions and values set down by the leaders all that time ago.   The school has produced numerous leaders and alumni with outstanding talent and is committed to continuing on its proud legacy.

Meeting the needs of students throughout the globe
The MacDuffie Schools are committed to providing excellence in education for all students. To achieve this aim, we focus on the development of our historic curriculum to suit the needs of our students, whether they be in America or in one of our many schools in China.  By combining the content and expertise of our American campus with the philosophy and traditions of Chinese culture, we are able to provide a unique educational experience to our students within China.  
Moral and responsible participants in the wider world
MacDuffie students have always been given strong guidance in developing their personal and social skills, as well as being full participants in the world.  The MacDuffie CIRCLE values show that this commitment to excellence is embedded into the core of what it is to be a member of the MacDuffie Community.  Today, students throughout the MacDuffie School system are taught to demonstrate the high ethical standards expected by our school.

MACDUFFIE VOICE第贰篇11月是一个感恩季,感谢一直默默付出的老师,给予我们每一刻温暖瞬间的同学


拜登是奥巴马任职期间的副总统,他是民主党政治主张的代表,奥巴马在任职期间,推出了一系列欢迎留学生和工作移民的政策,如留学生5年签、36个月STEM OPT期、允许H1B配偶在美工作等。相信如果最终拜登胜利,中国留学生赴美留学会迎来新一轮的爆...


Rejection is not the end, but the starting point

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