At the end of 19th century, college education in America was quite popular but merely a handful of women were educated. Owing to expensive tuition fees and the mainstream belief that women were supposed to assist their husband and care fortheir child rather than receive education, only a fewwomen brought up in a wealthy families had the chance to get a high level of education. Born in a wealthy family of scholars, Abby Parsons had a father who stressed the importance of his daughter’s education. In 1879, Abby Parsons got through the tough college entrance examination at the age of 19 and became the first student at Radcliffe College, set up especially for female students by the faculty of Harvard University, which is today the Radcliffe College of Harvard University. After four years of arduous learning, she became one of the four first-generation graduates of the college. In order to let more womenhave access to the quality education that she had received from Harvard University, Abby Parsons MacDuffie, along with her husband John MacDuffie who also graduated from Harvard University, founded the MacDuffie School.  This was the first private school for aristocratic women in Massachusetts. At the same time, the MacDuffie School opened for female students the courses which only the scholars could take such, as French, Shakespearian Literature, Science, Arts and Physical Education. This innovative educational movecaused a sensation and brought controversy among the contemporary celebrities who regarded the advanced education for women as a waste of time and money. Rapidly, these people changed their minds as the educational feelings and rigorous educational methods of MacDuffie successfully cultivated the first generation of advanced noble women, who has their own opinions and impact. More and more noble families sent their daughters to the MacDuffie School, since when it was eulogized as “Blue-blood Noble School” by people in all walks of life.
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