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“There are three kinds of life choices that can change fate: one is when the character finally realizes that they will never be able to begin again; the second is when the character thinks that there is a way out, only to realize at the end that it has come to an end; and the third is when he or she feels that there is no other way out, only to discover later that what he or she initially thought was impossible to change could have been changed when it was too late.”


Will Schwalbe, The Last Reading of Life


From before the decision is   even made, choosing to study abroad requires courage and resolution on the seemingly indomitable path of life. Making this choice requires both students and parents to bear a great responsibility and leads to many questions:





Which country should I choose?

Which university is most suitable for me?

How difficult is it to become

professionally certified?

What kinds of opportunities will this

career allow me?


These problems can plague students for years before they finally submit an application. Acquiring all the information necessary to make a rational choice can seem nearly impossible. It falls on schools to provide students with as much guidance as possible in these kinds of life choices, particularly academic ones.



In response, MacDuffie School and Province Academy have launched a bold plan to provide this kind of guidance as well give students and parents the courage to make the right choice. We are proud to announce a live broadcast of “Sister School Alumni” by famous schools from around the world.

The first program will be broadcast on February 22, 2020 at 21:00 Beijing Time. It will be led by two Chinese student leaders visiting Cornell University, a top US university. Scan the code to enter the live stream and watch!






Why Can’t You Miss It?

• 世界近30所顶级大学深度走访

• 中国学生会领袖担当主播

• 最真实的学院生活与经验总结

• 精心准备的专业升学内容

•   In-depth visits to nearly 30 top universities around the world

•   Anchored by the leader of the Chinese Student Union

•   Summaries of real-life college experiences

• Carefully prepared professional entrance content

4 Major Points to Watch for

• 深度院校情况介绍

• 学院设施直观展示

• 热门学院及专业解读

• 最真实的申请经验分享

•   In-depth introduction to colleges and universities

•   View real college facilities

•   Popular colleges and professional interpretation

•   The most authentic application experience

Live broadcast cooperation: Who is Province Academy

• 埔思学院创立于2018年,旨在培养新一代青年领袖,呼吁留学生与全球青年参与到中国的发展之中奉献所学,为世界构筑人类命运共同体。


Founded in 2018, Province Academy aims to train a new generation of young leaders and calls on foreign students and global youth to participate in China’s development and contribute what they have learned to build a community for the world.

Province Academy has brought together more than 600 chairmen of the Chinese Federation of Overseas Universities, returnees, entrepreneurs, and opinion leaders together with top universities around the world from places like the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Japan, including Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University, and Cambridge University.

World   Famous Schools

• 美达菲学校与埔思学院走访全球近30所大学,足迹遍布欧洲及北美大陆。将参加直播计划的大学名单如下:

MacDuffie School and Province Academy will visit nearly 30 universities around the world covering Europe and North America. The list of universities that will participate in the live program is as follows:

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