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Frustration Brought by Rejection

1月普通的一天,对于美达菲学子Henry却不是个值得高兴的日子,当日他收到来自Dream School曼彻斯特大学(2020 QS世界排名第27位)的拒信。要知道,为了进入这所大学,Henry已经准备了近三年的时间,他的情绪低落不知所措,随即这封邮件被转发给他的升学指导老师,同时也是Henry最信任的Sophia老师。收到拒信一般就意味着名校对学生关闭了大门,看似无法挽回的局势还会有转机吗?

It was a normal day in January for most but an unusual one for Henry, a student at MacDuffie, who had just received a rejection letter from his dream school – the University of Manchester (Ranked #27 on QS World Universities Ranking). It had been nearly three years since Henry had chosen it as his ideal undergraduate school. He felt frustrated. Had this amazing university closed its doors to him? However, his counselor, Sophia Zhu, was not ready to give up.


The Day When Dreams were Reborn


In September of 2017, Henry enrolled in MacDuffie as a senior high school student. He often left a great impression on others with his shy but unwavering eyes. Henry was always a hardworking student with strong independent study skills. Due to his outstanding academic performance, he obtained a high GPA which laid the solid academic foundations to be accepted by good universities. He also worked hard to prepare for his standardized tests. At the very beginning of this preparation, his counselor created a detailed timetable for taking these tests. No surprise, he stuck to the plan and finished. One step at a time.  


MacDuffie Gives Customized Guidance

由于对足球的狂热,英国一直是学生心中的的理想留学国,而曼彻斯特大学则成为学生和家长心中的Dream School,对Henry而言更是如此。设定目标后,美达菲国际教育不仅为学生提供与美国美达菲教育理念一脉相承且极具挑战性的学术课程,更关注学生的综合发展,为学生提供了包含领导力,艺术、体育、科研实践,社区服务等广泛课外项目,而这也与各大顶尖大学向来青睐具备综合素质申请者的录取要求不谋而合。

As a huge fan of football (or soccer in the US), the UK became Henry’s ideal country to study in and the University of Manchester became the dream school for him and his family. MacDuffie has an educational philosophy of providing both excellent academic education alongside the cultivation of other interests. It offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities include leadership, arts, sports, science fairs, and community service. These same activities happen to be in line with the admission requirements of many top universities.


The planning and development of Henry at MacDuffie was a long and sometimes arduous process. Counselors guided him to become active not only in on-campus activities but also various overseas summer programs. With the guidance of MacDuffie teachers and staff over almost three years, Henry became a mature, confident, independent, and positive young man who holds a firm belief in his future goals.


Rejection is Not an End but a Stepping Stone




As the old saying goes, “The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.” In mid-January, when Henry received his rejection letter, our experienced counselor Sophia insisted on getting an offer and that rejection is not the end.

With such confidence, she sent her first appeal letter, then the second, the third, and so on, each time insisting on the excellence of MacDuffie students. One-month’s effort was rewarded with an offer that opened the door into a top university for our student.

The smile on Henry and his parents’ faces and the gratitude they sincerely expressed made everything worthwhile. This offer is also a symbol of high recognition that top universities outside America give to MacDuffie’s educational quality and curriculum.


In the end



The current epidemic cannot take away our hope and persistence to make our dreams come true.

Finally, everyone at MacDuffie sends their best wishes to Henry. May you continue your excellence in this next step of your life’s journey.


The University of Manchester


No.1 of the Red Brick Universities


The Russell Group founding member


Ranked #27 on the 2020 QS

World University Ranking


The most popular university in UK among international students


The most popular university among local employers in UK

Sophia Zhu 朱宁郁





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